photo: brian green

Katie Talbott 

My job is to Listen.

Listening can take many forms. I have Listened over the years as a gardener, a poet, a spiritual seeker, a naturalist, and a psychotherapist. My intention now is to bring all these ways of Listening together, finding the thread that goes through them all.

I first learned to Listen on the farm where I grew up in eastern Washington. There I learned about the movement of seasons, the timing of growing things, and the pleasure of the senses. I am drawn to small things, and one of my favorite memories is of finding a swarm of ladybugs emerging from their winter hibernation under the pine needles.

After studying biology and theology at Whitman College, I embarked on a wandering path through the world of work. At first I wasn’t a very good Listener for myself, which resulted in some painful dead ends. From that I learned the importance of tending my own path, even if it looks odd to others. Since then I have danced for a movement theater group, written poetry, studied with different spiritual teachers, started a gardening business, taught meditation, worked as a writing coach, and founded a community art and mindfulness center. In the fall of 2000, inspired by the writing of Peace Pilgrim, I walked from my home in Seattle to the farm where I grew up near Spokane.

In my early 40’s I returned to graduate school for a degree in Systems Counseling and have worked as a therapist in private practice since. This is work that draws from all of my experiences and helps me stay focused on the bigger picture, the spiritual container that holds all of life.